Monday, November 14, 2011

Hosting, orgies and lies, Oh My

Okay, so I've hosted a fair bit in the last few days, helping out where I can, getting back in to the swing of things, re-introducing myself to the dirty fuckers who come to hear me, and yes, I enjoyed it. As always, stepping on to that stage, with the very distinct intention of making everyone as horny as possible fills me with such a rush... I can't fully explain it. I almost feel like a succubus, feeding off of the sexual energy of all those rock hard cocks and slippery little pussies.

And yes, this morning I participated in one of the sexy Zoey's orgies, can't help myself, the sounds that girl makes when she's cumming, I'd have to be dead not to get into it, lol.

So, I am admitting, in full view of whoever stumbles across my blog, I am a very bad girl at times. I absolutely love sex, and I have it whenever, where ever possible.

That said, I would like to take a moment and point out that the cocky fellow who's been going around this week telling people that he fucks me, one on one, in private, and on a regular basis, is full of shit. He is seriously not my type, as I typically go for big men with deep, gruff voices. They usually have at least a slight streak of evil, are often close to my own age, and most importantly, they have the brains to know that if they ever kissed and told, they'd never, ever get me back into bed again.

I rarely, if ever, do one on one sex with random strangers...And I said rarely, because it's been known to happen, but few and far between. It takes someone with skill to get me into a private call that isn't related to an auction date. And by skill, I include the smarts to know that while I might be bad, I'm not easy... unless of course I'm on that stage and you've approached me the right way, but then, that's not a private call now is it?

Dude, don't make me tell the world you're a teenager with a crush who obviously tried and failed. If I have one more person come to me with this story, your name will be all over sl as a dickless wonder by the end of the week.

For the rest of you, why not come by and find out for yourselves what it takes to turn sweet little Joey on.


  1. Wouldn't it be TOTALLY awesome to be 17 or 21 forever and make porn movies for eternity?? Where can you without getting old? Silly girl. In the Great Beyond, you can do anything. Re-grow thy brain, toots, and let's make love Upstairs in Heaven Above. God bless you. See ya soon.

  2. Normally I would just delete the above comment, as I find such arrogance to be disagreeable, but it seems they've caught me in a feisty mood.

    Dear Doctor;
    Don't call me toots, you condescending jackass, and don't presume you've the mental capacity to assume anything about me. Had you paid even the slightest attention to the content of my postings, rather then what you feel to be worthy of moral judgement, you might have noted, I'm not that young, and my brain is sufficiently grown, thank you. However, I am an avid believer in people continuing their education past the point of what society deems complete. I would politely suggest you broaden your own horizons, and in the meantime, keep your pompous opinions to yourself.

    Thank you for the blessing though, one is always appreciate of positive energy from others. (And just in case your head is too far up your own ass to translate that, it was sarcasm.)