Saturday, January 22, 2011

So she's really a guy...

Okay Boys... I have some good news, and some bad news. Let's start with the good news... there is hope.

And now for the bad news. Before I begin, this is not about looks, but... if you look like this ...

and you say stuff like this...

Him: Hot ass
Her:  ummmm hello?
Him: Let's fuck

etc, etc, and that works for you, and you actually got sex... Congratulations, there's a 95% chance that you just fucked another guy.

For most women, that doesn't work. We like words. They don't have to be soft and sweet romance, though we like that too. But they do have to say more then "hey Baby, you're not worth the time it takes to speak to." So, if those cheap lines work for you, then either you fucked a guy, or a very dumb woman.

Food for thought? I thought so.

And tomorrows post... stay tuned for how to de-noob yourself on a budget.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mmm, discoveries

Wow, what a week. Where do I start?

Okay, I'll begin with the bed, lol. As many people know by now, I'd decided to make my own bed, well, you know how bad the lag can get, and while the bed will be fab when I'm done, I'm still not done with the bastard.

I've had numerous offers of advice, help, was even given a new bed. The problem isn't with my building, etc, the problem was lag, and then on top of that, my wonderful, creative, evil friends who have tried to "help me" with pose setting. So I've gotten a little done, and got done a lot. lol I'll take picks of my bed, and the friends, at some point this week and post them.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No small parts...

Okay, so there was a casting call, Sleepy was looking for blue eyed blonds, which I just happen to be, so I went. I enjoyed the shoot, except for the crashing, which was my fault, I should have turned off some stuff, like accepting pics, notecards, etc, and my friends on/offline notifications. But I forgot, and they were a busy lot that day, lol, crashed me twice passing me stuff and logging in and out.

Anyway, here is the vid, Enjoy.

I had fun making it, though I didn't know I was gonna later be a momma.

Photoshoot with Dean

Okay, so I got distracted. I will confess now I will periodically do this, have a few days in between blog posts. My rl gets unexpectedly hectic, which I am sure you know all about.

I managed to go through the pics Dean took and pull a dozen or so of my favorites and put them up on flicker, you can  See them here

I'll pop one in here, because I can.

Go peek, you know you wanna.


Saturday, January 8, 2011


Okay, so, I know I haven't posted in about a week, things got a little crazy, lol. My rl realised that I was busy online, so of course, that was the perfect time to go kaboom. I made notes, as I went, so I didn't forget anything I wanted to blog about. Over the next couple of hours I will finish up and post the entries so you will see...

~ There are new pics on my flicker from the shoot I did with Dean Haystack as well as the pics I chose for the Who's Who book

~ I have another vid out. It was a small part, which is cool, some of the most famous actors irl started out in bit part supporting roles. Although... when you watch the vid you'll see, not as small as I'd thought, lol.

I will say this, Woot, god ate me out, lmao, and the vid has inspired more naughty thoughts which I will share another time. I need to see if anything will come of it first.

In the meantime, Slippery Dreams,