Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a brand new day

So I decided to put all my sexperience and perviness to use and try my hand at sl porn....

I took little Joey out of hiding, decked her out with a nice freckled skin, a curvy little shape and some pigtails. I think she's adorable, completely fuckable. I'd do her myself if I wasn't the one behind the keys, lol.

Once she was looking the way I wanted her to, I wiped my current friends list, relogged and joined a few sl porn groups...not ten minutes later I was im'd and asked if I'd consider working with someone still learning the ropes. I said sure, because a) I need to build a portfolio, and b) he seemed nice and everyone starts somewhere, so why not help the guy out.

This Vid  is the result of that. Not too bad for her being about an hour old in the industry.

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